Nadime Roumieh is a contract trainer with ARC and through her business Nursing Educator Services provides trainers for our CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support courses in NSW.


Where are you from?

When we decided to leave Lebanon 40 years ago, we had two options: Canada, or Australia, we choose the latter so we can try and see if we can make it home.
Well 40 years later we are still here and I call Australia home and could not be happier living in this beautiful country of ours.

What have you done in the past?
I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl, I used to play the nurse with my sister and brothers, so when we migrated to Australia, I persued this career and started my nursing profession in the early 80’s at Bankstown hospital where training was hospital based.

What motivated you to get in the Aged Care sector?
I wanted to make a difference, change the way people think about aged care, let us face it, when you tell someone you are working in aged care, they look at you as this is where you end your career not start it, well, it is not. Working in aged care you need motivated people, special people that care and do not work for the money but because they want to make a difference in the elderly’s life.
You have to think quickly and make important and accurate decisions.
Working in aged care is about: HOLISTIC CARE, you are not looking after the Resident’s fractured arm in an orthopedic unit, you have them return to your unit with that fracture, however there are many issues going on with them as well as the fracture. You need to have the correct knowledge in everything, otherwise you cannot look after them. That’s what I tell my students.
There is such a shortage in aged care nurses, in fact it is very rare that you find a new grad go into this field. What I wanted to do is train good people and provide them with the necessary knowledge so they can be at their best when looking after those helpless residents and to be their advocate.

What are your qualifications:
I am a Committee member of the Health Care Complaints Commission expert adviser’s panel.
A highly experienced, dedicated and committed senior nursing and health care management professional with a background ranging from hands-on nursing to Director of Nursing level. I teach Certificate IV in Ageing Support and Medications training for support workers.
Hold the following qualifications:

How long have you been a trainer?
I have been training for the last 10 years, and have enjoyed every moment. I trained all over Sydney, and regional NSW, I also trained in Melbourne for a while.

What drives you to excel?
Seeing my students excel and blossom, and come back with stories that we discussed in the classroom, where they have applied the principal and it worked.
Just seeing the look on their faces when they make a difference makes my day.

Any story you would like to share?
I have trained thousands of students, however there are always those that you will never forget and those that never leave your memory and keep emailing you with their progress.
I trained a student that in her former life was a PA of a governor, she wanted a career change, a job where she can make a difference, she commenced with me training her Certificate III in Individual Support, then she came back for Certificate IV in Ageing Support, she loved this field so much that she is now studying her Diploma in Nursing. Quite a few other students have gone into uni and are studying their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The common denominator with all of them are the following sentences that they have shared with me:

It is the twinkle in the resident’s eyes that keeps me going back.
It is the satisfaction afterwards that means everything to me.
It is the hello when they see me walk into their room.