Meet Our Team

At ARC Training, our team is your team. Whether you are an individual student or business, studying face-to-face or online in our digital classrooms, our team members are focused on giving you the support you need to achieve success.

Our Leadership team are driven, experienced, and passionate industry professionals who have all benefited from vocational education and training engagement throughout their careers. They understand the life changing value of accessible, flexible, and high-quality further education, and that’s why they’re committed to supporting your success. Have a look around, browse our employee directory below and put a face to the name.

Our Executives

Cameron Ryan

Chief Executive Officer

Diala Semaan

Head of People & Culture

Paul Hoad

Chief Financial Officer

James Eskander

Head of Partnerships and Growth

James Kim

Head of Cality Care

Our Management Team

Maria Mercado

Quality Assurance Manager

Wendy Kerrigan

Curriculum Manager

Annette Dennis

Administration and Data Manager

Casey Crook

Sales Support Manager

Kate McKay

Senior Sales Coordinator

Marco Alcantara

Senior Sales Coordinator

Ian Maxwell

Training Manager – Client Services

Ashley Hosking

Senior Program Coordinator

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