Skilling South Australia

Skilling South Australia is an initiative of the South Australian Government in partnership with the Commonwealth Government which is intended to help more people get skills and qualifications to build lasting careers and meet the needs of industry. The South Australian Government is committed to helping people get skills and qualifications to build careers and meet the workforce needs of industry now and into the future, driving growth in apprenticeships and developing a sustainable training system.

The initiative encompasses a range of activities to ensure that these training opportunities are attractive to jobseekers, business, and industry. Training is subsidised by the South Australian Government.

ARC Training is an approved Skilling South Australia Supplier under the South Australian Government’s plan to invest in and increase participation in vocational education and training (VET). A co-contribution fee is to be paid by students undertaking a subsided course. Students make a contribution towards the costs of their training and the South Australian Government subsidises the remaining course costs at enrolment or before training commences.

Eligibility requirements:

To participate in a Skilling South Australia Project, individuals must be:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or
  • a permanent Australian resident, or
  • the holder of a visa with full work rights (for a full list see Student eligibility for subsidised training), AND
  • aged 16 years or over and not enrolled at school

An individual will also need to meet any training package pre-requisites for any qualification or skill set undertaken during the project.

Any previous training undertaken will not affect eligibility for subsidised training when undertaking an apprenticeship, traineeship, or other qualification during a Skilling South Australia Project. The course completed during an apprenticeship, traineeship or Skilling South Australia Project will count towards an individual’s future training entitlement.

Additional eligibility:

Participant Agreement form

The Participant Agreement form must be completed and signed by participants before they can engage in a project. This form is used to obtain a participant’s details and permission for the collection and use of their personal information by the Department (South Australian Government).

Upfront Assessment of Need

The Upfront Assessment of Need (UAN) is a pre-enrolment process. Before an individual can be enrolled into any accredited training subsidised by the Department, the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) must conduct the UAN.

Where the accredited training is under a training contract it is recognised that in some instances an employer may establish a training contract before the RTO can conduct the UAN. In these circumstances the training provider will at the earliest opportunity ensure the UAN is undertaken and respond to any learning and support needs identified. This may occur after enrolment in the instance of a training contract.

Work Placement Log

A Work Placement Log must be completed for all participants who are involved in a Skilling South Australia Project that contractually includes a work placement as part of the project.

All students must meet all the eligibility criteria to undertake the government-subsidised training, contact ARC Training for further information.

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