Young people make excellent start in business careers

In a recent review, ARC Training has confirmed almost 100% retention of people who started a business Traineeship in the last year as a result of undertaking an ARC Pathway program.

The 4 week ARC Pathway program is designed to initiate young people into the real world of business. It includes 3 weeks of learning the basics and getting to practice everyday activities like negotiations, presentations and memo writing, as well as explaining common business terminology like KPIs and Policies and Procedures. This is followed by a week on-the-job to get to know a potential employer.

This very practical course has been named as the reason for increasing retention rates: which is good for employers and employees. It has helped more than 65 people with skills development, so that they know what to expect and how to act in the new world of the workplace.

ARC Training runs a new program every couple of months and it is free of charge for participants. Interested people are encouraged to call 1300 799 793.