ACT User Choice

What is User Choice Funding?

User Choice Funding is an Australian Apprenticeship initiative. It’s a great way to get a head start in your chosen career and aims to provide funding aligned to the skill needs of industry, responding to changing government priorities. Train Australia Pty Ltd, trading as ARC Training (RTO # 91007), has been approved to provide qualifications listed on the ACT Qualifications Register.

Australian Apprenticeships in the ACT are funded by the ACT and Australian Governments.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for an ACT training contract, the potential Australian Apprentice must:

  1. Work in the ACT;
  2. Be at least 15 years of age;
  3. Be:- An Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand passport holder who has been a resident of Australia for more than 6 months, or
    – A person who holds a visa that is identified as being eligible (for a list of eligible and ineligible visa types, click here to access the Skills Canberra website:;
  4. Receive remuneration for their work;
  5. Complete a minimum of 15 hours’ combined work and training per week. Casual employees cannot undertake an Australian Apprenticeship in the ACT. Employment and training hours may be averaged over 4 weeks for non-school-based training contracts.
  6. Undertake an approved Australian Apprenticeships qualification with an approved RTO, as listed on the ACT Qualifications Register;
  7. Have the required supervision in the workplace for an Australian Apprenticeship.

Approved Qualifications

List of approved qualifications to deliver on the ACT Qualifications Register:

CodeTitleStudent fees payable
Business and Customer ServiceTuition FeeFee Concession
BSB20115Certificate II in Business$350$175
BSB30115Certificate III in Business$350$175
BSB30215Certificate III in Customer Engagement$350$175
BSB30415Certificate III in Business Administration$350$175
BSB40215Certificate IV in Business$350$175
BSB40515Certificate IV in Business Administration$350$175
BSB40215Certificate IV in Business$350$175
BSB40515Certificate IV in Business Administration$350$175
BSB40615Certificate IV in Business Sales$350$175
BSB41415Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety$350$175
BSB42015Certificate IV in Leadership and Management$350$175
BSB50215Diploma of Business$350$175
BSB51918Diploma of Leadership and Management$350$175
Community Services
CHC22015Certificate II in Community Services$350$175
CHC33015Certificate III in Individual Support$350$175
CHC43015Certificate IV in Ageing Support$350$175
CHC43115Certificate IV in Disability$350$175
CHC43415Certificate IV in Leisure and Health$350$175
MSM30116Certificate III in Process Manufacturing$350$175
SIR20216Certificate II in Retail Services$350$175
SIR30216Certificate III in Retail$350$175
SIT30616Certificate III in Hospitality$350$175
Transport and Logistics
TLI21216Certificate II in Driving Operations$350$175
TLI21815Certificate II in Logistics$350$175
TLI3216Certificate III in Logistics$350$175

Student Fee

The ACT Government provides a contribution towards the cost of your training. Students are required to contribute to the cost of their training. The RTO has determined the Tuition Fee and Fee Concession for each of the approved qualifications to deliver on the ACT Qualifications Register.


You may be eligible for a Fee Concession. Fee concessions are available to you if, at the start of training, you hold a current and valid:

  • Health Care Card or Pension Card, or
  • can prove genuine hardship.
  • Where the Australian Apprentice is under 18 years of age this rule will apply if the parent/guardian holds one of the above cards.

If you wish to claim a Fee Concession due to genuine financial hardship, please inform us at enrolment and you will be given a fee waiver application form to fill out and will be required to provide a form of evidence confirming the hardship.

Completion Payment

A completion payment will be paid directly to the Australian Apprentice upon completion of the qualification and a survey. The completion payment is $300 for each qualification. Australian Apprentices will be eligible to receive the completion payment for up to one (1) year after successful completion of the qualification, provided up-to-date email and bank account details are confirmed.

An Australian Apprentice is not eligible for a completion payment where more than 50% of the units are achieved through Recognition of Prior Learning.

An Australian Apprentice may be eligible for a completion payment if more than 50% of the units are achieved via credit transfer where the achievement is the result of:

  • a training contract variation i.e. change of RTO and/or qualification; or
  • the Australian Apprentice undertaking a training contract with a new employer for the same qualification or its replacement in a new training contract.

This completion payment eligibility criteria will apply to Australian Apprentices that complete a qualification on or after 1 January 2019.

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