Designing training programs that meet business goals

Of all the parts that can make or break a business plan, getting the right people into jobs is the most difficult to manage. Yet so many issues need to be managed to make good human resource management work. Here is a list of some key considerations:

  • Are the right people available in the area of operation?
  • What is the skills deficit and what is the best way to address this?
  • If I want to avoid the risks associated with the hire, can labour hire or a Group Training model help?

And for the long term:

  • How do I attract ambitious people to the organisation that will give it the entrepreneurial spirit for the future?
  • How do I make people thrive?
  • How does my organisation do the right thing and become valued by our community?

At ARC we have designed programs that meet the Human Resource needs of organisations and people who want a career. Here’s how:

  • We deliver training on the job the way employers want, and that makes sense for workers
  • We focus on giving young people a start by employing them with our own Group Training Organisation, matching the right young person with the career paths provided by organisations
  • We do bulk recruitments, for when organisations grow rapidly or open a new centre, involving essential training before people start work (and this is funded by jobactive providers)
  • We spend a lot of time up front knowing what changes are happening in the sector so that new workers get a head start in their new sector.

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