Retail Courses

Retail is Australia’s second largest employing industry. It’s safe to say we definitely can’t get enough of our consumer goods – from food to fashion and electronics – and the industry is forever expanding. Due to population growth in Australia, experts claim that the retail sector is expected to sustain employment rises in the supermarket and grocery store categories. Over the past five years, employment has increased by almost 7% with the number of online and offline retailers continuing to grow.

Possible jobs in this industry include:

  • General sales assistant
  • Retail manager
  • Shelf filler
  • Checkout operator

This crucial goods and services sector has plenty of opportunities for young people to enter the labour market, and is accessible to many depending on what they are after career-wise. Whether you want to start at the bottom of the retail ladder and work your way up, or find a work-life balance with flexible hours and shifts, this industry is sure to give you access to thousands of career possibilities.

Source: Department of Jobs and Small Business, Australian Jobs 2018 Report, 2018.