A week in the life of a work experience student

online / face to face study

Working at ARC Group for the past week has been a fulfilled 5 days with learning new skills, how an office runs, how to manage your time and many more activities that go on in a day-to-day office.

Waking up on the morning of my first day at work placement I was nervous but very excited, I had very little idea of what to expect from a training group and to be honest didn’t know what a training group was. Walking in to the reception at the ARC office for the first time I was very surprised as to how the office was compared to how I imagined it in my mind. I was imagining a dark office with chairs and desks and complete science, I was imagining no freedom and had the image if being glued to one chair for the week. What I saw was a light filled reception area, colourful office space and I did different tasks each day.

Being introduced to the office and everyone in the office was a great start to the day and made myself feel very welcome into the office.

Majority of my jobs here at ARC have included Data entry, Filling, Printing, Scanning, Labelling and sorting out papers for clients. Although these tasks took multiple hours, time and effort I enjoyed everything I was asked to do as it taught me new skills and new ways of being able to work efficiently in the office. All the staff in the office are very kind and approachable people, they were able to answer any questions I had and were very helpful when I was unsure of what to do.

This past week has been a great experience for me as I have learnt that working in an office is not as boring as expected by a lot of people, working in an office brings work and fun together as it is not just sitting at a desk writing up pages of documents it is being able to communicate with the people you work with and have a fun time when being there as well as doing the work you need to do, to any student that has the chance to come work at ARC should do so because it is a fun filled office with great and friendly staff always willing to help, and you will develop skills that will be useful to you in the future when looking for a job.