ARC Training Digital Badges and Credentials

Credly Demo Digital Badge and Credential

Once upon a time, we did everything on paper. Including the process of applying for jobs; you’d write up a resume and a cover letter to submit alongside copies of all your relevant qualifications and hope that you’d managed to make your application stand out enough to get an interview. How times have changed. Now days, we do things digitally. We send emails, we store files in the cloud, we download information we want to keep, and now we have Digital Badges to share…

Where once you had to chase job opportunities, platforms like LinkedIn have changed the game. Now employers and recruiters are increasingly turning to online platforms to seek out the candidates they want. As this shift has gained momentum it has become increasingly important to cultivate a professional online profile that accurately represents your skills, training, and experience. Digital Badges are the new way potential employers identify their next hire. Have you got yours yet?