Manufacturing Courses

Due to Australia’s vast landscape, the country has ample space for warehousing and other industrial buildings. Hence, Australia’s manufacturing sector employs a significant number of people every year, and is the third largest employing industry in South Australia. Technicians and trade workers in the manufacturing field perform a variety of skilled tasks, applying their specialist industry knowledge to a variety of well-paying roles. Over the past five years, around 110,700 new jobs were created in manufacturing and this sector accounts for 7% of total employment.

Possible jobs in this industry include:

  • Steel trade worker
  • Welding trade worker
  • Production manager
  • Metal fitter
  • Metal machinist
  • Packer
  • Food and drink factory worker

So if you’re good with hands-on work and are interested in process manufacturing or competitive systems and practices, consider working in this economically strong industry.

Source: Department of Jobs and Small Business, Australian Jobs 2018 Report, 2018.