Do you need help upskilling your workforce or further improve your in-house training?

ARC Training offers quality nationally recognised training courses in business, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, community services, transport and logistics. We provide the highest possible standards in staff training and development for your business, whether small or large, regional or local.

We design training programs specifically for your staff and deliver this training in the method most suited to their specific requirements – whether that be in a classroom, on the job site or using our Digital Classrooms virtual learning system. Our coursework blends together the practical, hands-on skillset necessary for workforces and the theoretical knowledge required to keep up with best practices in any given industry. Our holistic approach means the best possible outcomes for you and your staff!

If you’re a business looking to get your staff up-to-date with best practices and upskill them for their roles, here are some advantages of getting training with ARC Training:

  • Upskilling makes your staff more effective & productive at their current workload
  • New knowledge of current best practices creates a more productive & efficient workforce – saving time & money for your business
  • Digital Classrooms learning can take place anywhere at a time that suits your staff – coursework occurs from the convenience of your office locations rather than off-site

If you’re a business interested in your staff completing nationally recognised courses with ARC Training, contact us here.

At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding and of all the training courses I’ve put my team through over the past 4 years, this was by far and away the one which had the biggest impact and best outcomes. I would happily recommend ARC group and their training services, so much so that I’m now putting our second in charge’s through the same program so they can learn the skills needed to be a leader.

Glenn ComminsPPG Australia

Are You Striving For Industry Best Practice In Training?

The great thing about the ARCies is that they’re fresh into the workforce. They come into the workplace keen and ready to learn. We teach them from the ground up, creating highly motivated, skilled employees that can be utilised for any task. They get experiences from our business itself and the general workforce, enabling them to get ahead and pursue any career they choose.

The quality of the candidates is very high because ARC takes many steps during the interview process to ensure businesses are allocated excellent candidates.

Louise KaySpratley SuperIQ

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